Iranian Gardens Tour

Iranaian garden tour is the best chance for the fans of nature, gardens, and architecture. In this tour you will visit the incredible combination of nature and architecture in Iranian garden and the amazing harmony which exist in these garden and change them to a unique place for the ones who like to walk and stay for a long time in these garden.


Day1: Tehran:

Arrive at IKA airport. You will meet with tour guide in the airport and then transfer to hotel. Stay overnight.

(Program of the first day arrenged according to the time of passengers arrival).

Day2: Tehran:

Full day visit gardens of Tehran great city which includes Golestan palace it is one of the beautiful gardens and palaces of Iran and also it is one of UNESCO world heritage sites of Iran you will visit te great combination of nature, Iranian architecture, amazing tile work, and incredible Iranian mirror work. Then you will visit Niavaran palace, a great Palace with museum of previous kingdom of Iran, great plaster work, mirror work, and tile work. Then you will visit palace and garden of Saad Abad which is the great Iranian palace of previous Kingdoms and a palace which is surrounded by beautiful museums. After visiting all palaces we will take you to visit the nature in hands of Iranian artists which is Carpet museum of Iran, a best place to visit the great combination of Nature and Iranian art in Iran carpets, an art with exist in every Iranian houses. You will enjoy the beauty and amazing harmony of colors in Iran carpets. In the end of the day you will visit the Symbol of Iran liberty, great Azadi tower at night. Stay overnight.

Day3: Shiraz:

In the morning transfer to Tehran airport and you will have a flight to Shiraz. Arrive at Shirazand transfer to hotel. Drive to Marvdasht (60km) and you will visit Persepolis as the center ofIran civilization and Necropolis as the center of Achaemeniad kings and the great motifs of Sassanid era, then drive to Passargade to visit the first Iranian garden and the tomb Cyrus the great, the great Achaemenian kings. Drive back to Shiraz and visit Quran gate as the old entrance gate of Shiraz city. Stay overnight.

Day4: Shiraz:

In the morning start Shiraz city tour with Eram garden as a UNESCO world heritage sitesand the center of flower of Shiraz and one of the beautiful Persian gardens and also known as botanical garden of Shiraz. Then visit Naranjestan garden as the beautiful garden of Shirazwith great mirror works, Plaster work, and beautiful doors which are decorated with Shells. After visiting Narnjestan garden you will visit a beautiful garden in tiles of Nasir Almolk mosque and it is known as one of the beautiful gardens of Iran and also known as a Pink mosque. You will have a visit in old and alive Vakil bazaar which built in18 century. Then you will visit Afif Abad garden and museum of weapons which made during the history. Stay overnight.

Day5: Kerman:

Drive to Sirjan (380km) and visit Stone garden as a unique dried garden and the trees have stone instead of fruit and the reason is about a love story of a man who fell deeply in love with a girl and when the girl reject him, the man become disappointed, so he never get married and he dried his garden and instead of fruits he hanged stones on the trees. Continue to Kerman (185km) and transfer to hotel and have rest. Stay overnight.

Day6: Kerman:

Start Kerman city tour by visiting Shazdeh garden as one of UNESCO`s world heritage sitesand also it is Known as a green garden in the middle of dried desert. Then visit Nemato Allah Vali mosque he is Known as a man with new beliefs about life the architecture of this mosque is amazing and it has a beautiful area. Drive back to Ekhtiar Abad (58km) and visit the beautiful garden of Fat-h Abad at night with unique view. Drive to Kerman (23km). Stay overnight.

Day7: Yazd:

Drive to Mehriz (330km) visit another Iran UNESCO sitePahlavanpur garden with amazing view and long tree and also a Qanat which makes this garden alive in the middle of desert. Continue to Yazd (45km). Transfer to hotel and visit Dowlat Abad garden as one of Iran UNESCO world heritage sites with a great and longest wind catcher then visit Amir Chakhmaque square at night and enjoy the beautiful view of this square and also visit Haj Khalife cooking Store to buy especial souvenirs of Yazd. Stay overnight.

Day8: Isfahan:

Drive to Isfahan (323km). Transfer to hotel. Visit Chehel Setoon garden as one of Iran UNESCO world heritage sites, name of this garden is chosen from its columns and in it means a garden with 40 columns but in reality it does not have 40 columns; you will find out the reason when you visit this garden. You will visit Hasht Behesht garden which means eight paradise and the palace is the main remain part of a big and beautiful garden and it belongs to Safavid era. After visiting the palace you will have a walk in Chahar Bagh street which means street of 4 gardens a beautiful Street with beautiful view. At the end of this street you will visit two historical bridges, Sio-se Pol bridge which means 33 bridges and Khaju bridge and it is Known as the most beautiful bridges of Isfahan. Stay overnight.

Day9: Isfahan:

In the morning you will visit Naqshe Jahan Sqaure which is one of Iran UNESCO world heritage sites and also one the main attractions of Isfahan which includes: Imam mosque with its great minarets and mystery architecture, Sheykh Lotfolah mosque with amazing tiles and architecture, Ali Qapu palace with amazing musical architecture which exist inside the building and also gives a great view for photography from the square, and visit Qeysarieh old bazaar of Naqshe Jahan square and you can visit the beautiful handicrafts of Isfahan. In the afternoon visit Flower garden of Isfahan and it is one of the great and beautiful gardens of Isfahan. Stay overnight.

Day10: Kashan:

In the morning drive to Abyaneh touristic village (175km) and visit this beautiful village with unique people and unique natural view, you will experience the old life of Iranian people in this village. After visiting this beautiful village, drive to Kashan (88km). Transfer to hotel and stay overnight.

Day11: Tehran:

In the morning you will have a half day tour of Kashan : first you will visit Fin garden, a garden where Amir Kabir the great minister during Qajarid era, this garden is built in middle of desert and by your entrance you can see the important element of water and nature in this garden and also a beautiful building in the middle of this green garden with beautiful architecture. After visiting the garden do not miss visiting the beautiful house of Broujerdiha, a beautiful house with amazing Iranian architecture like keeping the house cold in hot summers of Kashan. After the last visit you will drive to Tehran IKA airport hotel (210km). Stay overnight.

Day12: Tehran:

End of the Iran tour with great memories and fly out.


  • Car and driver
  • Airport Transfers
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Domestic flight
  • Insurance
  • Iran visa code
  • Traditional gift
  • Entrance fee
  • 11 nights accommodation in 3 * hotel with breakfast