Iran Safety

`Do not travel to Iran` You may hear it over and over from the news and different books, so you decide that Iran is not safe. Now let us tell you a new sentence ` It worth to have a trip to Iran`. Iran is one of best destinations in Middle East for travelers with great safety. Iranian people are well known as the most hospitable people and regardless to travelers` religions and nationality they are warmly welcomed by Iranian people.

During the year a lot of travelers from all around the world travel to Iran as they believe that Iran is not safe but when they enter Iran they face something which is completely different with what they believe and heard about Iran. What you face with are smile of people and while you walk in the streets maybe you see people say `Hi, welcome to Iran`. Iran is also safe for solo travelers, men and women; you will be all safe even you walk at night and you can enjoy the beautiful view of city at night.

Crime rate in Iran is low for tourists because Iranian people love foreign travelers and are interested to know about their culture and why they decided to have a trip to Iran.

So do not miss a trip to Iran, it worth to have a trip to Iran.