About Us

Arshian Salar Tour and Travel Agency (ASTA) is a private persian travel agency located in Iran – Shiraz, issued by Iran Cultural Heritage and TourismOrganization. With the IATA code 33215276. Mrs. Fatemeh Shahcheraqi has been the Managing Director of Arshian Salar Tour and Travel Agency since 2001.

Arshian Salar Tour and Travel Agency has elected as the Top Seller of Turkish Air line in 2011 and 2012. We are also the selling center of great airlines in Iran such as Qatar Airways, Fly Emirates, Onur Air, Air Arabia, Alitalia and so on.  With several branches in Tehran and other cities of Iran, we firmly believe we are among the bests in providing a wide variety of high quality services. Arshian Salar Tour and Travel Agency has presented several international seminars and it is an expert in operating different kinds of national and international seminars and congresses.

We operate superior first-class escorted and independent tours. Our prices are reasonable, carefully calculated by our staff and bound to meet the full satisfaction of our clients. As a renowned Iranian Travel Agency and Tour Operator with many years of experience we have equipped ourselves with all what it takes to be a competent and reliable tour and traveling company.

We offer a wide variety of travel services and we take pride in our quality work. At ASTA, we excel at helping you get your vacation planned. Not just any vacation, but exceptional vacations filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences.

Arshian Salar affiliated companies are:

  1.       Arshian Salar hotel chain department
  2.       Arshian Salar air services
  3.       Arshian Salar autochthonal academy
  4.       Arshian Salar publicity party
  5.       Arshian Salar local publications

The incoming department of Arshian Salar with the help of many experts is the most reliable company in providing services to the travelers around the universe.

Arshian Salar Travel company is the permanent participant of international tourism exhibitions around the world such as: Fitur Madrid, ATM Dubai , WTM London, AIME Melbourne, IMEX Frankfurt, EIBTM Barcelona, TOP RESA Paris, IMEX Las Vegas, ITB Singapore, ITB Berlin and FERIA DAS VIAGENS Lisbon.

We believe in globalization in tourism industry it is why we name us the Persian gate of tourism with the open arms to support and cooperate with foreign tourists and tourism companies.

Arshian Salar in Some International Exhibitions

Fitur Madrid 2015

Fitur Madrid 2015

Feria das Viagens Lisbon 2015

Feria das Viagens Lisbon 2015

HKTDC 2016

HKTDC 2016


KOTFA 2017 Seoul

Board of Directors

CEO: Mrs.Fatemeh Shahcheraghi

CEO: Mrs.Fatemeh Shahcheraghi

She is the general manager of Arshian Salar travel agency with more than 20 years of experience of higher education in Shiraz University. She is among the most experienced and the best managers of Iran in tourism industry. She is the winner of several prizes and citations from Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization for all her services to grow Persian tourism industry.

Chairman of the board: Mr. Saeed Andalib

Chairman of the board: Mr. Saeed AndalibChairman of the board: Mr. Saeed Andalib

He is the tour director of Arshian Salar Travel. He is well known for his figure through international air companies for chartering in more than 50 destinations of the world. He is master of business administration with over 15 years of experience in aviation marketing.

Member of the board: Mr.SalarAndalib

He is the inbound director of ArshianSalar Tour and Travel Agency. His B.A education was in Architecture and his master degree is in MBA. He is active in tourism industry for 10 years. His experience of hospitality managementwas from 2007. He is also manager of Arshian salar hotel chain departments. He owns Golestan hotel apartment, Kish Island since 2014.