Ardabil is an ancient city in northwestern Iran, and the capital of Ardabil Province. Ardabil’s population was 564,365 in 2011.The primary language of the people is Azerbaijani.

Ardabil is located on the Baliqly Chay River, about 70 km (43 mi) from the Caspian Sea, and 210 km (130 mi) from the city of Tabriz. It has an average altitude of 1,263 meters (4,144 ft) and total area of 18.011 km2 (6.954 sq mi). It is located on an open plain 1,500 meters (4,900 ft) above sea level, just east of Mount Sabalan (4,811 m), where cold spells occur until late spring.

Climate of Ardabil is cold and continental many tourists come to the region for its cool climate during the hot summer months. The winters are long and bitterly cold, with record low temperature of −33 °C.

Ardabil has a various attractions for instance; The complex of Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili, Masjid Jameh, Mirza Ali Akbar mosque and school, Ardabil bridges, Imamzadeh Saleh mausoleum, Saint Mary church, mausoleum of Sheikh Jebra’il, babadavood anbaran.

In the heart of the city, stands the ancient bazaar, described by historians of the 4th century, with simply designed domes extending in four directions. Most sections of the bazaar were constructed and renovated during the Safavid and Zand periods.

Many hot springs and beautiful natural landscapes are in Ardabil which attracts tourists. The mineral springs of Ardabil (Beele-Darreh, Sar’eyn, Sardabeh and Booshloo) are important for medicinal treatment.

Many beauty lakes are located in Adrabil the largest of which are Ne’or, Shorabil, ShoorGel, NouShahr and.

Mausoleum of Sheikh Jebra’il

Saint Mary church

Ardabil bridges

The complex of Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili