Itinerary proposed for 22 days (A)

Day 1: Tehran
Flight to Tehran, transferring to the Hotel.

Day 2: Tehran
Visiting Tehran: The Golestan Palace, the National Museum, the Museum of Glass and Ceramics and Jewelry Museum (available from Saturday to Tuesday).

Day 3: Tehran-Tabriz-Kandovan-Tabriz
Flight to Tabriz and visiting the city: the Blue Mosque, the Museum of Azerbaijan and the Bazaar(the bigest roofed bazaar in the world). Excursion to the troglodyte village of Kandovan (50 km). Overnight in Tabriz.

Day 4: Tabriz-Ardebil-Sareyn (244 km)
Driving to Ardebil and visiting the city: The mausoleum of Sheikh Safi and the Bazaar. Continue to Sareyn, the most important center of hydrotherapy of the country and swimming. Overnight in Sareyn.

Day 5: Sareyn-Massouleh-Anzali (400 km)
Driving to Anzali port via the Massouleh village.Visiting the Anzali Lagoon. Overnight in Anzali.

Day 6: Anzali-Qazvin (210 km)
Driving to Qazvin and visiting the city: the Tehran Gate, the mausoleum of Shazdeh Hossein, the Friday Mosque, Qajar bath, the Darb-e Koushk Gate.

Day 7: Qazvin-Kashan (360 km)
Driving to Kashan via Qom. In Qom, visit the mausoleum of Masoumeh, continuing to Kashan and visiting the city: the Fin Garden, the Shazdeh Ibrahim mausoleum and the prehistoric hills of Siyalk.

Day 8: Kashan-Abyaneh (77 km)
Visiting Kashan: The traditional houses of Abbassian and Tabatabai, the Aqa Bozorg mosque-school, the Kashan’s center of handiCrafts and the Bazaar. Driving to Abyaneh, visiting Abyaneh, Overnight in Abyaneh.

Day 9: Abyaneh-Yazd (372 km)
Driving to Yazd, on the road visiting Ardestan (Mosque of Vendrediet and two qanat), Naein (the Friday Mosque, fabric shops in the Mohammadieh village) and caravanserai of Nov Gonbad. Overnight in Yazd.

Day 10: Yazd-chak chak-Meybod-Yazd (204 km)
Visiting the Zoroastrian fire temple Chak Chak and visit the city of Meybod: the castle, the caravanserai, the cooler, tank and a coaching inn. Back to Yazd, overnight in Yazd.

Day 11: Yazd- Zinoddin caravanserai (60 km)
Visiting Yazd, the towers of silence, henna mills, the Zoroastrian fire temple, the tower of Amir chakhmaq, Haj Khalifeh pastry, the water museum, the Friday Mosque, the Khan bath (restaurant), the Doulat Abad garden.Driving to Zinoddin.Overnight in Zinoddin

Day 12: Zinoddin-Meymand (210 km)
Departure to the troglodyte village of Meymand, and hiking in the mountains around, overnight. In meymand

Day 13: Meymand-Kerman (235 km)
Driving to Kerman, and visiting the city: Harandi museum (antiques and musical instruments), the Friday Mosque, the Vakil Bazaar, Vakil bath (restaurant) and the Gandjali Khan Museum.

Day 14 : Kerman-Mahan-Rayen-Kerman (216 km )
Excursion to Rayen to see a citadel and Mahan to visit the tomb of the dervish Shah Nematollah-e- Vali and The Shazdeh garden. Back to the Kerman and visiting the city: The dome of Jabalia and the Moayedi glacier .

Day 15: Kerman-Shiraz (560 km)
Driving to Shiraz. On the road visiting the Bakhtegan Lake, the Friday Mosque of Neyriz, the fig trees gardens of Estahban.the Salt Lake of Maharlou.

Day 16: Shiraz-Persepolis-Naqsh-e Rostam-Shiraz (120 km)
Excursion to Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rostam, returning to Shiraz and visit the city: the mausoleum of Ali Ibn-e Hamzeh, the tombs of poets Hafez and Sa’di.

Day 17: Shiraz
The Costume Museum, mausoleum of Shah-e cheraq, Atiq Mosque, the Khan theological school, the Nassir-al-molk mosque,Ghavam orangery,Vakil bath (museum of carpets), Vakil mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Moshir caravanserai.

Day 18: Shiraz-Bavanat (240 km)
Driving to Bavanat to visit Arab nomads. On the road, visiting Pasargadae. Overnight in the tent next to the nomads.

Day 19: Bavanat-Isfahan (370 km)
Driving to Isfahan, on the road visiting Ized-Khasta (citadel, abandoned village and a caravanserai).

Day 20: Isfahan
Sightseeing: Palace of Forty Columns, Naqsh-e Jahan square, the mosque of Sheikh Lotfollah, the Mosque of Shah Abbas, Ali Qapou palace, bridges of Sio-Sepol and Khadjou stay in Abbasi hotel (Caravanserai.)

Day 21: Isfahan-Tehran
Visiting Isfahan: The Friday Mosque, Ali Qoli Aqa bath, Vank Cathedral, the dovecoat. Transfering to the airport and fly to Tehran, transfering to the hotel.

Day 22: Tehran/…
Transfering to the airport and returning to your country.

We offer this tour to tourists those who have more than three weeks. This enable you to see not only the deserts, but also the dense forests of the Caspian sea. This is an opportunity to approach the lifestyle of our ancestors, the nomadic lifestyle, and get to know more about the nature of the country, while enjoying the tranquility and freshness of the campaign.