Iranian multi religious Tour

Visit religious cities in Iran and get familiar with Iran different religions which they are all live peacefully in Iran.


Day 1: Tehran:

Arrive at IKA airport. Meet with tour guide, and transfer to hotel. Stay overnight.

(Program of the first day arranged according to the time of passengers arrival.)

Day 2: Tehran:

Visit Shah Abdol Azim ShrineGolestan palace as one of UNESCO sites in Iran and a great complex of incredible palaces with unique mirror workstile works, and wind catcher and also known as a palace for kings, museum of Islamic art, and Azadi tower. Stay overnight.

Day 3: Mashhad:

Transfer to Tehran airport and flight to Mashhad. Transfer to Hotel. Visit of Imam Reza holy shrine and bazaar of Imam Reza. Stay overnight.

Day 4: Mashhad:

Drive to Torghabe. On the rout visit Yaser and Naser Shrine and also visit the beautiful bazaarnext to the Shrine. Continue to Touchal and visit the Touchal lake. Continue to Torghabe and enjoy the beautiful area. Visit Aba Salt Shrine one of Imam Reza followers. Drive back to Mashhad. Stay overnight.

Day 5: Shiraz:

Transfer to Airport and flight to Shiraz. Transfer to hotel. Visit Shahcheragh holy Shrine, the elder brother of Imam Reza who Killed during his way to Mashhad by Mamoun Soldiers, and bazaar of Shahcheragh. Visit Quran gate as the old entrance gate of Shiraz and a huge and beautiful Quran was located at the top of this gate and now this Quran is located and protected in Pars museum or Nazar garden of Shiraz, then visit Khaju Kermani Tomb as one of the great poets of Iran and his poems are mostly about conversation with God (outside view). Stay overnight.

Day 6: Shiraz:

Visit Eram garden (UNESCO site) as the botanical garden and one of the most beautiful gardens of ShirazHafez tomb, a Persian poet who lauded the joys of love and wine but also targeted religious hypocrisyterm theosophy in the 13th and 14th centuries was used to indicate mystical work by “authors only inspired by the holy books In his ghazals, he deals with love, wine and tavern, all presenting the ecstasy and freedom from restraint, whether in actual worldly release or in the voice of the lover speaking of divine love ,  Ali Ebne Hamzeh mosque as one of Imam Reza followers and he killed by Mamun soldier, Nasir Al Molk beautiful mosque and Known as Pink mosque and it is one of the most beautiful mosques of IranVakil bazaar as the old bazaar of Shiraz which belongs to 18 century and still it is one the best bazaar of Shiraz, and Karim Khane citadel (outside view). Stay overnight.

Day 7: Yazd:

Drive to Yazd (450km). Transfer to hotel. Visit Amir Chakhmaque Square with unique view at night abd best chance for to take amazing pictures at night from beautiful view of this squrse, and also visit bazaar and  Haj Khalifeh cooking Store to buy especial souvenir of Yazd. Stay overnight.

Day 8: Yazd:

Visit Jameh mosque of Yazd with amazing tile works and awesome colors, Seyed Roukno Din mausoleumImam Zadeh Seyed JafarZoroastrian fire Temple. Stay overnight.

Day 9: Isfahan:

Drive to Isfahan (320km). Transfer to hotel. Visit Jameh mosque of Isfahan with amazing pulpit like Oljaito the most popular ones, walk in Chahar Bagh Street as the old and popular street of Isfahan,and also visit Sio-se Pol and Khaju historical bridges of Isfahan at night. Stay overnight.

Day 10: Isfahan:

Visit Naqshe Jahan Sqaure (UNESCO site) which includes: Imam mosque a mosque with mystery architecture and great dome and minarets, Sheykh Lotfolah mosqueit is a unique mosque without minarets and great tiles work that attracts every ones attentions, Ali Qapu palace, a palace with beautiful tiles and it will gives a compelet view of Naqshe Jahan squareand you will visit the musical room of this palace, and Qeysarieh bazaar as a great bazaarwhich surround the square with amazing Isfahan handicarfts. Visit Jolfa touristic area and Vank cathedral. Stay overnight.

Day 11: Qom:

Drive to Kashan (215km). Visit Mohatasham Kashani tomb (the great poet of Shiite). Agha Bozorgh mosque with great combination of school and mosque and also with amazing architecture to make cold place in desert without air conditioner. Continue to Qom (110km). Transfer to hotel.  Visit Hadrat Masoumeh holy Shrine. Stay overnight.

Day 12:

Drive to IKA airport (110km) and fly out.


  • Car and driver
  • Transfer: IKA airport to Tehran hotel/ Mashhad airport to Mashhad hotel/ Mashhad hotel to Mashhad airport/ Shiraz airport to Shiraz hotel/Qom hotel to IKA airport
  • English Speaking tour guide
  • Domestic flight: Tehran to Mashhad/ Mashhad to Shiraz
  • Insurance that cover 10,000 USD in case of accident or illness
  • Iran Visa code
  • Traditional gift
  • Entrance fee for 16 attractions
  • 11 Nights accommodation in 3* hotel with breakfast