Iran desert tour in 10 days

A unique experience of walking on hot sands of desert with amazing view of stars at night and incredible sunrise.

Iran desert tour: Day1: Tehran:

Arrive at IKA airport. Meet and greet with tour guide. Transfer to Hotel. Stay overnight.

(Program of the first day arranged according to the time of passengers arrival.)

Iran desert tour: Day2: Matin Abad:

Drive to Matin Abad (320 km). On the rout visit Noush Abad underground city. Continue to Matin Abad desert camp. Enjoy your time in this beautiful desert (exclude services: camel riding, biking, observing stars). Visit camel breeding farm, ostrich breeding farm (these farms are located in the camp).

Iran desert tour: Day3: Mesr:

Drive to Mesr desert (415km). Transfer to Shenzar desert camp. Stay overnight in the beautiful desert camp.

Iran desert tour: Day4: Mesr:

Walk on sands and safari in the Mesr desert and visit Salt lake. Drive to Garmeh and visit desert springs and its fishes, and visit Garmeh castle. Drive back to camp. Stay overnight with other travelers around the fire.

Iran desert tour: Day5: Yazd:

Drive to Yazd (358 km). On the rout, visit Narin castel in Meybod is a mud-brick fort or castle in the town of Meybod, Iran. The ruins of the structure, stands 40 meters. It is built some 2,000 years ago and it has a type of plumbing system. The structure also has a large underground chamber and some believe that the castles are descendants of ancient fire-temples. Continue to Yazd. Transfer to hotel. Visit Amir Chakhmaque square at night and the bazaar and also visit Haj Khalife cooking store as one of the best cooking store of Yazd for especial souvenir of Yazd. Stay overnight.

Iran desert tour: Day6: Yazd:

Visit Silence tower also called Dakhma which is a circular, raised structure built by Zoroastrians for dead bodies to be exposed to carrion birds, usually by vultures around the mountain and the remain bones were put in a handmade holes of mountains or destroyed with acid. The use of towers is first documented in the early 9th century. Zoroastrian fire temple you will visit the amazing fire which never turned off during 1500 years with Amazing gallery of photos and you will get familiar with special ceremonies of Zoroastrians, water museum which belongs to merchant man who lead underground water channel (Qanat) under his house, Dowlat Abad garden (Iran UNESCO site) and Zarch Qanat of Yazd (Longest Qanat of Yazd). Stay overnight.

Iran desert tour: Day7: Kerman:

Drive to Kerman (372 km). Transfer to hotel. Visit Ganj Ali Khan Square and Bazaar and also visit the tea house of this complex (Old bath that now change to tea house with beautiful view) and old bath house of Ganj Ali Khanewith amazing architecture. Stay overnight.

Iran desert tour: Day 8: Kerman:

Drive to Kalout desert (100km) an especial ecosystem desert of Iran and it has fabulous view. Walking on sands and visit salty river. Have lunch next to the river. Then drive to Sirch ( cold area next to the desert). And visit the beautiful village. Drive back to Kerman. Stay overnight.

Iran desert tour: Day 9: Kerman:

Drive to Mahan (40 km). Visit Shazdeh garden (Iran UNESCO site), A garden in the middle of the desert. Then visit Nemato Lahe Vali mosque (A mosque with great architecture). Drive back to Kerman. Transfer to Kerman airport. Departure to Tehran. Transfer to IKA airport hotel. Stay overnight.

Iran desert tour: Day 10: Fly out.


Car and driver
English speaking guide
Domestic flight: Kerman to Tehran
Travel insurance
Iran Visa code
Entrance fee for 11 attractions
Meal: 1 meal in Kerman desert
9 night accommodation in 3* hotel with breakfast