Hamadan is the capital city of Hamadan Province . Its population was 473,149 in 2006. Hamadan is believed to be among the oldest Iranian cities.

Hamadan has a green mountainous area in the foothills of the 3,574-meter Alvand Mountain, in the Midwest part of Iran. The city is 1,850 meters above sea level.

Hamadan was established by the Medes. It then became one of several capital cities of the Achaemenid Dynasty.

Hamadan is in the vicinity of the Alvand Mountains and has a dry summer continental climate , in transition with a cold semi-arid climate , with snowy winters. In fact, it is one of the coldest cities in Iran. The temperature may drop below −30 °C on the coldest days. Heavy snowfall is common during winter. During the short summer, the weather is mild, pleasant, and mostly sunny.

Hamadan attractions are amazing and they are classic places. Some important of them are Ali Sadr Caves, Hegmataneh Hill, Ganjnameh, Alaviyan Dome, BuAli Sina Mausoleum, Masjed-e Jameh, Armenian Evangelical Church, Baba Taher Mausoleum.

Ali Sadr Cave

Hegmataneh Hil

Alaviyan Dome

BuAli Sina Mausoleum

Baba Taher Mausoleum