IRANIAN Caves TOUR – Day 1

In the first day of the IRANIAN Caves TOUR Arrive at Iran, meet & greed in airport, transfer to hotel. Visit Milad tower which is the sixth tallest tower in the world.

IRANIAN Caves TOUR – Day 2

Drive to Zanjan,, visit Soltanieye the biggest brick dome of the world.

And visit Dash kasan which is is a three cave complex located south-east of Soltaniyeh. Outside the caves there is a temple called Dragon Stone of Dash Kasan Caves which was built by order of Mongol king Öljaitü in the early fourteenth century. The temple was built by four Chinese craftsmen. The architecture of Dash Kasan caves looks like an incomplete rectangle.Khodabandeh village and visit Katalehkhor water-cave. Lunch in restaurant. Drive to Hamedan. Night at Hamedan.

IRANIAN Caves TOUR – Day 3


Visit Ali-Sadr water-cave the world’s largest water cave which attracts millions of visitors every year.Have lunch. Visit the city at night include Abou Ali Sina tomb. People around the world know Abou Ali Sina as a Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age. Of the 450 works he is known to have written, around 240 have survived, including 150 on philosophy and 40 on medicine.Baba Taher Tomb who was an 11th-century Persian poet.Night at Hamedan.

IRANIAN Caves TOUR – Day 4


Drive to Kermanshah, Ravansar village visit Quri qale water cave which is one of the longest caves in western Asia.It contains three main chambers, with calcite crystals,stalactites and waterfalls.Back to Kermanshah.Night at Hotel.

IRANIAN Caves TOUR – Day 5

Drive to Bisotoun historical village (30 kilo meters).The town is at the foot of Bisotun mountain, the flank of which is the location of an important historical site. The imperial road from Ekbatana to Babylon passed at the foot of the mountain. On the rocky slopes king Darius I left the Behistun Inscription. From the Seleucid epoch there is a Herakles statue. Next to it Parthian kings added some reliefs. Late Sasanian rulers prepared a large piece of rock for another victory relief which was never finished because of the subsequent Arab invasion. Later folklore connected this place to the legend of Farhad and Shirin.

IRANIAN Caves TOUR – Day 6

Flight to Shiraz. Transfer to hotel. Visit Shahcheragh holy shrine at night. Night at hotel.

IRANIAN Caves TOUR – Day 7

Drive to Bishapoor. Climb the mountain and visit Shahpoor chistorical cave with the huge status of Shahpoor king (7 meters) there.Drive to Davan touristic village.Continue to Kazeroon. Have lunch there. Back to Shiraz. Visit Quran gate.Over night at shiraz.

IRANIAN Caves TOUR – Day 8

Transfer to airport. Departure.

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