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ASTA Iran tour operator,Iran tour packages provider

Iran Tour operate supply travelers with a complete package of residency, transportation and even flight. Iran tour operators basically create pre-packages holidays for the travelers, so it actually plans out the tour or holiday and reserve a tickets, a hotel, destinations, flight, transportation and even food. Even you can also ask for a tour guide. Their responsibility is to provide your vacation with all the necessities. Most of the operation of travel operators are linked with the sale and purchase of tickets and the visa process.

 ASTA Iran tour operator

Arshian Salar Iran Tour operate that known as Land of Cyrus through our customers around the world and recommended by TripAdvisor as Land Of Cyrus Tours, is the biggest Iran tour operator based in south of Iran and in the most touristic city of Iran, Shiraz. Our second branch is in Tajrish Square, Tehran. Other dependent and independent branches are all located in the capital. ASTA Iran Tour operate is the charterer of about 50 destinations of the world and exclusive GSA of international airlines like Borajet.
As the only Iran Tour operate with such wide variety of travel services, Arshian salar has named as one of the best travel operators of Iran. ASTA is the only Iran travel operator in some international exhibitions around the world.
ASTA Iran Tour operate is the best tour operator in providing both outgoing and incoming services. Land of Cyrus is the name of the incoming department of Arshian Salar Group with many years of experience and many of good comments and recommendations.

 Iran tour packages

In our agency we manage different sorts of Iran packages, you only can find our expert Iran tour packages.
Iran tour packages of our agency includes: Echo tours, Iran classic route, Iran desert tours, Iranian caves tours, Iranian gardens tours, Iranian villages tours, Iran bird watching tours, Iran budget tours, Iran luxury tours, Iran event tourism, Iran silk road tour, Iran UNESCO tour, Iran religious tour, Iran ski tours, the multinational tours, the day tours, Iran nomad tours, Iran medical tour, Iran adventure tours. For more information you can read Iran tour article.
And we are the agency of whole seller of all these tours and we are the only Iran tour operator of some of these tours such as Iran UNESCO tours and Iran Silk road tour.
These are the most effective Iran tour packages designed by our incoming expert travel consultants for all the tact, nationalities, class, educations and ages.
These Iran tour packages are calculated reasonably to each the satisfaction of the customers.
You can also fill the part of DIY in the website to manage your own Iran tour package we are expert in organizing the tailor made tours.
We hope that you join the club of our satisfied customers by experiencing our Iran tour packages and enjoy the taste of reliable travel by one of the best tour operators of Iran.